This website is mainly archival, but here are a few links to sites dealing with Mats's present-day tennis career and related activities.

Mats has been Captain of the Swedish Davis Cup team since 2003. gives reports of Davis Cup matches of all the teams every year, and keeps previous years' reports in an archive. More of Mats's time is now spent at home, but in addition to Davis Cup ties he attends the four Grand Slam tournaments and certain others to keep in touch with the top tennis circuit in general and the Swedish players in particular, and often does some journalism and commentating at the same time.

Also, every year since 1998 he has played a few events in the "seniors" tour, which is a circuit mainly for former Grand Slam winners who are age 35 or over. The circuit, which was formerly  the Delta Tour of Champions, is now the Merril Lynch Tour of Champions. For coverage see

The Swedish Davis Cup ties and the Delta/Merrill Lynch Tours are also covered on This is also a very good archival website for the 1980's and 1990's, with a large number of photos and a selection of articles, interviews and results. It is an Italian website but it also has an English section which gives English translations of the Davis Cup and Delta/Merril Lynch reports, and of some of the general articles.

At the beginning of this year, with the help of a friend, Mats started his own website: It is mostly about tennis, but other items appear on the blog from time to time, and it is still open-ended. Mats's brilliant in-depth comments on today's top players in general, and on Grand Slam tournaments in particular, make especially absorbing reading. 

Since 1983, Mats has been closely involved with GOAL, an international aid agency concerned with famine relief and other third world issues. Originally founded in Ireland, GOAL has branches in many countries, and Mats is now President of the U.S. branch. See

Every year since 1999 Mats, with the help of John McEnroe, hosts a tennis and golf fundraising event in aid of DebRA (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association) - a charity devoted to research and treatment of EB - a condition where blisters are easily caused by friction of the skin. (Very sadly, Mats's son Erik suffers from this, but fortunately the milder version.) See

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