The Photo Gallery - how it works

There are 80 images in the photo gallery, arranged in chronological order, starting in Spring 1982 and ending in Summer 1989. (N.B. The images are much clearer than the ones at the top of this page!)

On entering the photo gallery (link below) you will see the first image (Italian Open 1982). At this point you can either:-

  • click on the right arrow at the top middle of the image frame to see later images in turn; or
  • click on the "Fullscreen mode" symbol at the top right hand corner of the image frame to enlarge the image. Click on the "Picture Index" symbol (the little green squares) at the top right hand corner of this enlarged image frame to produce thumbnails of the first 25 images. Click on the arrows at the top middle of the frame to see further sets of thumbnails. Click on the appropriate thumbnail to see an enlarged image. The thumbnails will roll away to reveal the individual image. You can then click on the "Picture Index" symbol to return to the thumbnail view. The thumbnails will then roll back.

N.B. To stop the thumbnails moving across the screen while individual images are being viewed, take the arrow further up the screen until they disappear.

To enter the photo gallery CLICK HERE.